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Power or Sail?

Mono or Multihull?

Make the Smart Choice for Boat Share in Australia

Can’t decide between a sail or power boat share?

Do you enjoy the excitement of a yacht that heels when the wind gets up, or do you prefer the level sailing and additional space that a multihull provides?

What type of boating lifestyle do you want to experience?

You might be an accomplished sailor or power boater and already know the answer.

However, if you are still undecided, here are some questions to consider…
  • Do you enjoy the journey or arriving at the destination?
  • Do you want to cruise all over Pittwater, under the Brooklyn Bridge and other hard to access places?
  • Are you planning ocean sailing or long distance travel on your yacht?
  • Do you like the simplicity of turning on an engine to start your journey?
  • Is playing with sails and navigating to angles part of the adventure for you?
  • Are you a sailor looking for a multihull option that gives you and your guests more entertaining space, lots of accommodation and flat level sailing?

Your answers to these questions will help with your decision between the power and sail options available

Whichever option you choose, your friends will love you!

Are Yachts or Power Boats Easier to Manage?

This is a common question and really depends on the person at the helm. Everyone’s experience, comfort level and confidence will be different.

Lucky for you, a member of the Smart Boating team will be around to jump on board and give you a hand.

Maybe you’re concerned because you don’t know how to sail? To be honest…

… if you have enough skills to manage a motor boat it would take very little to gain the skills you need to manage a yacht. All our yachts have reliable and convenient in-mast furling.

Our learn to sail yachts courses are great value and perfect to get you up to standard. Or we can arrange one-on-one tuition to suit your specific needs.

Adrian and Megan Barnes had very little experience when they joined their Smart yacht share and now they own a charter yacht!

All our yachts have self-tacking headsail – if you’re not a sailor you won’t know what this means…

… but trust us it means easy sailing for you.

And talking of sailing…

… have you Considered How Relaxing Sailing Is?

Here’s a fact most boaties realise after a while…

Eventually the noise of the traditional boat’s engine begins to annoy you.

Your day becomes about getting to your destination and relaxing once you get there.

On a sailing yacht, as soon as the engine goes off and you’re being blown along by the wind…

… you can visibly see everyone chill out in front of you.

The journey to the secluded bay is as relaxing as the time you spend there.

In fact it is often said Sailing is about the journey and Power Boating is about the destination.

And of course if you want to cross oceans or head down the coast for a few days… your yacht is more than capable of taking you where you want to go.

Can you find Peace, Quiet and Performance on a Power Boat too?

Yes, of course you can!

Our Integrity 380 power boat gets you where you need to go quietly and quickly, at up to 14 knots.

This easy to handle motor cruiser boasts the space and comfort you’d expect from a 36+ footer!

You’ll love the layout and cockpit – the best of any cruiser in its class. This “modern day Halvorsen” is ideally suited for cruising Pittwater & beyond.

Here’s all the boat shares we have launching soon.