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Why Choose Smart Yacht Share?

SmartBoating Got some boatshare questions? Here’s what you get with your yacht share


Freedom to sail anywhere. We have bases in Pittwater, Sydney Harbour and the Whitsunday Islands. Wherever you start from you are not restricted by charter limits! You can head off to Sydney Harbour, Port Stephens, The Great Barrier Reef, Jervis Bay, Lord Howe Island… Choices… Choices…

Heaps of sail time

You get 34 days sailing each year on a 10% share or 68 days on a 20% share. Through experience we know this is more than enough for most people.


How you take your days is up to you. Day sails, short breaks a whole week. Mix it up however it works for you

Evening Sails…

… are part of your day. You don’t have to be back by 5pm. If your yacht is booked the next day… no problem. We’ll come in early and prepare it the next morning.

Valet Parking

We’re here to help you. Every day of the year except Christmas Day! We can catch lines, give you advice, or even park your yacht for you.


A huge bonus! At the end of your sailing trip you just hand back the keys and walk away. Next time you come to use your yacht… it’s spotless.

Fuel is included

Fuel for the main engine, your outboard* and even the LPG for yourbarbeque are covered by your monthly payment

Comprehensive Insurance

This is also included in your monthly fee.

Hassle Free Boating

You can pack light. Bed linen, doonas, pillows, tea-towels and washing-up equipment are all on board. Just bring your clothes and food.

Professional Maintenance

Own a Smart yacht share and you don’t have to worry about maintenance. Our professional team arrange everything from engine servicing to anti-fouling for you. You can just enjoy your free time on the water.


With Smart yacht syndication the only people who use boat are your fellow owners. You all have a vested interest in caring for it! We do not let anyone else use your valuable asset.

Our system works!

We have helped over 200 Sydney boat share owners enjoy hassle free boating on a yacht they could never otherwise even dreamed of owning.

We have the largest fleet of yachts in Australia and we are growing fast.

But don’t just take our word for it…

Here’s what other Smart owners have to say.

Choosing the Right Boat Share System for You

On this page we describe different boat share systems so you understand how yacht syndicates work. And we tell you what you need to consider to be sure you make the right choice for you.

The first choice you need to make is between the 2 main systems.

You can Own a share of the boat with a proportionate number of days allocated for your use each year – also known as fractional boat ownership.

Or you can Pay to Use (normally by redeeming points from an annual allocation) – also known as boat timeshare.

Let’s take a look at these 2 systems.

Advantages of Ownership Based yacht share systems

  • Your capital is invested in the yacht not the management company.
  • This means that if the company gets into financial trouble your share of your boat is safe.
  • You and the other owners of your boat have a vested interest to care for the boat and protect your investment – so your boat is more likely to stay in good condition.

Disadvantages of Pay to Use boat time share systems

  • Your costs over three years can be as much as a fractional ownership systemand you have nothing to sell at the end.
  • Should the company run into financial problems you could lose any money you have paid to them.
  • You have no control over who uses the boat – it can be up to 40 or 50 different people including visitors from overseas and interstate.
  • There is no owner pride so there is less incentive to care for the boat.


  • First look at your Free Time. How many days each year do you honestly have free to go boating? Think about work, family commitments, seeing friends and other leisure activities you enjoy. There is no point in paying for more days than you need.
  • Now look at your Skills. Do you know much about looking after boats? Do you want to get involved in maintaining and cleaning your yacht? Or do you want to just turn up and go sailing?
  • Is Owner Pride important to you? Do you want to share your boat with fellow owners who have a vested interest in it and care about it? Or is flexibility more important to you than the condition of your boat?