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Smart Boat Share

Smart Boat Share

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Looking for affordable, hassle-free yacht ownership? It’s here!

  • 100% Enjoyment with 0% Hassle
  • Luxury boat share
  • Walk-on Walk-off service
  • Please remember this is an EQUITY purchase with a CAPITAL RETURN to you when the boat is sold at the end of the term.

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With a boat share you can sail your dream yacht… and still have spare cash and spare time to enjoy your other leisure pursuits.

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How often do you drive past Sydney Harbour and see the same expensive yachts sitting unused on moorings week after week, month after month?

Do you wonder how often they go out?

The reality in most cases is… not very often.

Certainly not as often as the owner imagined when he or she bought his expensive boat!

People today are busy and as much as they would love to be out boating more often… modern life can get in the way.

If this sounds like you, a yacht, cruiser or catamaran syndicate might just be the perfect solution.

After all if you are only going to use your boat for 10% of the year, it makes sense to only own 10% of it.

This leaves you with spare cash and spare time to enjoy other leisure activities.

AND because boat sharing is hugely less expensive than outright ownership, you don’t feel you need to be on your boat every weekend to justify the cost.

Useful Boatshare Information

Useful Boatshare Information

  • Read about different types of boat share systems to you so you can make an informed choice that’s right for you and your family.
  • Interviews with boat share owners RichardIan, Frank, Adrian and Helen.
  • Full details of Smart Boating’s tried and trusted Smart Sydney yacht share programs – home of Australia’s largest yacht, cruiser and catamaran syndicate fleets– operating from Bayview on Pittwater, Clontarf on Sydney’s Middle Harbour and Hamilton Island in the spectacular Whitsundays.
  • And we explore Sydney’s hidden secret – the world class waterway of Pittwater.
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Did you know that depending on where you are in the world yacht share has different names?

You may hear the terms boat time share, fractional boat ownership, fractional yacht ownership, fractional boating, sailboat time share, boating timeshare, yacht syndicate, boat syndicate, club sail and shared boating.

(Mis-spellings are also common like yahct share, yahct syndicate and fractional yahct ownership).

However you say it, it’s all the same thing…

A Smart way for you to get out on the water enjoying the yacht you dreamed of for a fraction of the traditional cost.

Benefits of Boatshare


Boatshare is the perfect way to unwind with family & friends.


Enjoy access to a boat for fraction of the cost of outright ownership.


Walk-on, walk-off - and leave all the cleaning and maintenance to us.


Trust our team of experienced professionals look after your boat.


We're here to make sure your boating experience is heaps of fun!


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Smart Boating Group

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